About Us

We know that understanding and listening to our clients is the key to develop the proper life insurance solution designed to meet their needs.

We believe in the principles of listening to understand our clients, personally researching and understanding the best insurance solutions, and clearly explaining the reasons for our recommendations.

Senior Whole Life is an independent agency specializing in whole life insurance for seniors. We help seniors secure the best life insurance solution for their specific situation. At Senior Whole Life, we help our clients first by listening to their need for life insurance, then presenting a solution to solve their problem.

Whole life insurance for seniors provides peace of mind that your family will not be left with a financial burden when you are gone. At Senior Senior Whole Life, we know that understanding how your policy works is a great way to develop peace of mind.

We are not pushy salespeople. We understand that in order for life insurance to provide peace of mind, you should not feel pressure to move forward.

Our process is designed to build trust, so that you can secure the proper life insurance solution right from the comfort of your own home.

So, why are we qualified to help secure whole life insurance for seniors?

We have years of experience providing whole life insurance for seniors. We are familiar with the best whole life insurance carriers, solutions, and options for you. Each carrier looks at different health conditions and different prescriptions differently. Finding an agent who understands these differences is important so that you know you are in the

For example, if you have diabetes with neuropathy, certain carriers will offer you their best coverage and best rates, while others will offer a lesser product, higher rates, or even an outright decline. Working with an experienced agent could mean a tremendous difference in the quality of your policy.

Our agents at Senior Whole Life are experienced and ready to find the best possible life insurance solution for your specific needs.

We can help determine the best product and company to meet your needs. Our understanding of the underwriting and application process helps ensure our clients receive the best recommendation possible.

Our true value is in not only our experience, but our independence. Did you know that some insurance agents will only represent one company? Or that some agents will only sell one type of insurance policy?

At Senior Whole Life, loyalty to our clients is our top priority. We represent a number of carriers – such as Mutual of Omaha, Lincoln, Royal Neighbors of America, Sentinel Security Life, AIG, Protective, Liberty Bankers Life, and many more – and we do not steer our clients to one specific company.

Who We Are

Ryan Smith is a licensed field underwriter dedicated to helping seniors select the right policy for their specific situation.

Formerly an attorney, Ryan has been in the financial services industry for a number of years and is zealous for being a trusted advisor — and for saving money for his clients.

A graduate of the University of Memphis – where he obtained his Bachelors of Business Administration and law degree – Ryan and his family now reside in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Ryan’s wife, Lindsey, and son, Stratton, share their home in Chattanooga with their two cats – Benny and Bessy – and rescue dog Murphy.

Ryan has been focused primarily on helping secure whole life insurance for seniors for the past few years. Ryan’s professional philosophy is simple – to help clients do things they need to have done, and to always do the right thing.