Who We are

Senior Whole Life is an independent agency specializing in helping seniors secure the right life insurance solution for their specific situation. At Senior Whole Life, we help our clients first by listening to their reason for researching life insurance.

We know that getting to know and understand our clients is the key to developing the proper life insurance solution tailor made to meet their needs.

We believe in the principles of listening to understand our clients, personally researching the best insurance solutions, and clearly explaining the reasons for our recommendations.

Life insurance is meant to provide peace of mind. At Senior Whole Life, we know that understanding how your policy works is a great way to develop that peace of mind.

We aren’t pushy salespeople. We understand that in order for life insurance to provide peace of mind, you shouldn’t feel pressured to do anything that you are not completely comfortable with.

Our process is designed to build trust between us and you, so that you can secure the proper life insurance solution, right from the comfort of your own home.

So, what qualifies us to help seniors secure life insurance?

Since we specialize in helping seniors, we are familiar with the best life insurance carriers, solutions, and options for you. Each carrier has their own unique underwriting. Working with an independent agent at Senior Whole Life, you can have the peace of mind that you are working with an experienced agent, ready to find the best possible life insurance solution for your specific needs.

Also, whether you need a final expense insurance policy, a guaranteed universal life insurance policy, or a cash value whole life policy, each solution has its own specialized application process and underwriting. Our experience with different carriers and products – catered to the needs of our clients – is what qualifies us to help secure the right solution for you.

Our true value is in not only our experience, but our independence. Did you know that some insurance agents will only represent one company? Or even if not required to do so, some agents will only ever sell one type of insurance policy?

At Senior Whole Life, the needs of our clients takes precedence over company loyalty. Since we represent so many life insurance carriers – such as Mutual of Omaha, Lincoln, Royal Neighbors of America, Sentinel Security Life, AIG, Protective, Liberty Bankers Life, and many more – we aren’t required to steer our clients to one specific company. This enables us to tailor a solution specifically designed for the needs of our clients.

Our experience has shown us that most seniors need one of three types of life insurance – 1) final expense insurance, 2) guaranteed universal life insurance, and 3) cash value whole life insurance. Which type of insurance makes sense for you depends on you.

Ask yourself the following questions – Why are you interested in securing life insurance? Do you have any health issues? What goals are you wanting this insurance to accomplish? The answers to these questions will help determine which life insurance solution is right for you.

For the majority of our clients final expense insurance is the best solution. Why? For one thing, it is easier to qualify for final expense insurance. No health exam requirement. Many health conditions accepted. Lower premiums than policies with higher face amounts.

How We Got Started

Senior Whole Life is lead by President and independent advisor Ryan Smith. Ryan is third generation life insurance, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather before him. Ryan lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with his wife, Lindsey, and their two cats, Benny and Bessy.

Before diving into the world of life insurance and gaining valuable experience helping seniors, Ryan began his career practicing law in Memphis, Tennessee. Ryan practiced law for years, helping clients with a wide range of legal issues.

Ryan helped clients with contract disputes (even insurance disputes!), family law, car accidents, juvenile court cases, criminal defense, estate planning, and more. While Ryan loved helping clients with their legal goals and legal disputes, he did not enjoy the adversarial nature of the legal system.

What really motivated Ryan was simple – helping clients do things they needed to have done. While he did not enjoy arguing with other attorneys over trivial maters, he very much enjoyed listening to his clients regarding their legal objectives, mapping out a course of action to see their accomplishment, and plotting and taking that course.

That’s why Ryan decided to make a change in the course of his career, and began his insurance career working for one of the large Mutual companies in Chattanooga, Tennessee (NOT Mutual of Omaha – Ryan is still an agent for Mutual of Omaha). This large Mutual company would rather strongly encourage the agents working there to sell their products whenever at all possible.

What did this mean? The agents at this Mutual company almost always had clients apply for insurance with their Mutual company – even if there were other options with great companies at lower prices. Ryan grew frustrated with the restrictions at this Mutual company, and decided to branch out to an independent agency.

Ryan worked for his dad for a number of months – a 40 year veteran of the life insurance industry. There, Ryan learned the value independent agents bring to their clients. By comparing all of the different companies, independent agents can offer their clients the best companies with the lowest prices.

Ryan also gained incredibly valuable experience training with other independent senior whole life insurance agents. Studying the companies strengths and weaknesses, learning about the specific underwriting for each carrier, and excelling in the electronic application processes offered by different carriers, Ryan began creating the vision for Senior Whole Life.
Now, Ryan works nearly exclusively with seniors securing the right life insurance product for them.

Ryan is still a licensed attorney in the State of Tennessee; however, his law practice is completely separate from Senior Whole Life.